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people have been here since December 10th 1996

World Wide News Computer World Chinese World Internet Radios
Java My Java works World Sport Other Links InfoSeek

What's happing today in the world?

CNN News
Microsoft NBC News
USA Today News
China News Digist

Where to Read Chinese?

Chinese Music Collection
Chinese Medias
Hua Tong
Chinese Collection by Mr. Liu
Globe Chinese Web (TW)
China Globe View
Great China Information Center
Ming Zhu Zong Guo
Chinese Links by Feng Wang
China Star Home Page
China Homepage
Chinese Sources by ANU
China on Web
China Terror Links
Chinese Language Related Information

What to listen?

International Radios
Radio France
France Link
France 3
WIT FM by Quatnet
PC Week Radio
ABC Radio
CBS Radio
Radio Canada International
Radio HongGong
Radio Taiwan
Audio Guide
Time Cast Real Audio Guide
Real Audio
Live Concert
Live Concerts
Audio Net
Audio Archives

Java is cool!

Java Soft
Cafe au Lait
Java Resources
Java Books

How am I trying to have fun with Java?

A Fireworks
Another Fireworks
Rolling Circles
A Classical Fractal Image Loop

What is changing so fast in the Computer World?

My Angle Net Guid
WWW List
USF Computer Science Department
Microsoft Network
NEC WebWay
Microsoft Company
The Official Anti-Microsoft Homepage
America On Line
Discovery Online
ZD Net
PC Computing
PC Week Magazine
PC Graphics Software Guide by UBC
Jon Campell (Computer Vision Prof.)
X Windows
Assembly Langauge Ressources
McAfee Virus Scan
Image Processing Documents

Who's winning?

World Soccer Links
Kazimir's French Links
Soccer Results by Sports Network
Football Francais 96-97
Champinat Francais du Football
Paris Saint German
FC Nantes
AC Milan

More Information on the net?

American Mathematics Society
Law Group
World Culture